Natural Wool Fiber Products
  • White Worsted Weight Fine Rambouillet Yarn - 4 oz


    Natural White Worsted Rambouillet Wool Yarn - 240 yards per 4 oz skein  4-ply combed preparation - Needle size 7-9; 4-5 stitches per inch; 16-20 stitches per 4 inch. Fine Rambouillet Wool ready for the dye pot or your next project.  Hand Wash Cold Water recommended.  Northern California Fibershed Certified Product, Climate Beneficial TM.

    We anxiously awaiting the delivery of our yarn from the 2017 wool clip!  As of January 1st the wool was at the mill waiting for time on the spinning frames at Jagger Brothers in Springvale, Maine.  They are a little behind schedule but we have upmost confidence in them!!  Can't wait!!  If you want to back-order, we are expecting yarn in March.