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  • Eco Print Dye Workshop - Aug 10 & 11

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    *August 10-11, 2019 Saturday 11am-5pm Sunday 11am-3pm
    Eco Print Dye Workshop

    Instructor: Cory Gunter Brown
    Instructor fee $150-$200 sliding scale per student.  You can choose your discount based on your ability to pay!!  
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    Materials fee $35
    Includes a Merino/Silk Loop scarf and a couple of silk pieces and instruction booklet.

    8 student minimum/10 maximum
    Class Description: 

    Eco Printing is a sensuous dye technique true to its name. It is both environmentally friendly and works like a dye print in which the image and energy of the dye plants are transferred directly to the textile. You’ll learn to work with wild harvested plant materials (leaves, flowers, bark, etc.) in a beautiful, expressive, and ethical way. We’ll use this magical technique to make living textiles that have personal meaning and are deeply connected to the places we call home. You’ll finish class with a merino/silk loop scarf and a couple of silk pieces that can be used in a variety of ways.

    Before about 150 years ago, all dyes were natural dyes, made from plants, minerals, and insects. Peoples all over the world developed techniques for working with these dyes to make color and pattern on textiles over thousands of years. Now almost all dyes are synthetic, and the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world, second only to the oil industry. There are still places where natural dyes are used today, and many people are working together worldwide to learn these ancient practices before this vibrant knowledge is lost. 

    Teacher Bio:
    Cory Gunter Brown is an artisan and empath who has practiced the entwined arts of sacred adornment and the handmade her whole life. She was born and raised in East Oakland and comes from a radical and creative family of dancers, machinists, artists, and activists. Cory has learned the most powerful and beautiful truths in her life by listening to the voice of the Earth, the voices of Indigenous Peoples present and past, and her own inner voice. Through a decolonial lens, her work with natural dyes, and her relationship with the living Earth, she’s come to understand that for every toxic, abusive reality happening on this Earth, there is another way that is far more compassionate, elegant, and balanced within the cycle of life. She’s learned that our bodies are an extension of the Earth and the Earth is an extension of our bodies, and her choices in life now flow from that knowing. Cory spent ten years co-creating The Moon, an Oakland based feminine clothing line made by local hands with natural fibers and natural dyes. She is now teaching natural dye workshops to adults and children, producing a select few naturally dyed items each month, and making plant infused body oils in collaboration with the plant beings from the land where she lives in Mendocino. Working with plants has changed her life.